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is irresistible. There's the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tian'anmen▓ Square. Another not to be missed locale in Beijing is Qian▓men S

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treet. The street recently was restored, to recapture t▓he elegance and ambience of one of Beijing's foremost commercial areas of the past. Q

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ianmen Street reopened August 7th, a day before the o▓pening of the Summer Games. Today, let's take on a ▓tour of this classic, antique comm

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ercial setting, Qianmen Street.The 840-meter long Qianmen Street began taking s▓hape about 570 years ago. It continued to grow in elegance

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and stature, finally reaching a heyday in the 1920s and 1930s.The newly restored look takes guidance from historical photos. All the traditional t▓ouches were maintained.The unmistakable characte▓r of traditional Chinese architecture and history are seen in the gr

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ay facades of the buildings and the elaborate wooden archways. London is famo▓us for its unique Chinese food in Europe. The China Town i▓n the center of the city, with its oriental character and delicious food, has become a hot spo▓t for tourists.Gerrard Stree

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er the organization of Ministry of Commerce in 1958, b▓ut also in Elite of Chinese Famous Dishes, publish▓ed by China and Japan in 1982. In ma

ny cases, Quanjude list▓s the first among famous restaurants. The well-known All-Duck Banquet is headed by QUANJUDE roast duck and supported by over 400 dishes with QUANJUDE characteristic flavor. Government l

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